Hi there! I'm susana or you can call me suzie! It means lily , hence the name of this blog...18 and an artist! This blog is a multifandom blog! i hope you enjoy your stay!

Lmao just thought of this

*leaves phone in back pocket and accidently calls someone*

Person a: hey did you call me
Person b: no reply
Person a : hellooo
Person b: *realizes phone is on enad finally replies*
Soorry i sat on my phone and accidently called you… I guess you can say it was a BOOTY call


It felt mad awkward to see him after yesterday. I felt embarraseddddddAAAAAAAA

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Real happy


So theres this group on campus called autism speaks and i went to our first meetinf and literally it nearly broke me down in tears. All the things they talkes about there is what i seen from experience with my brother and it just hits at heart. All the struggles that ive been through with him and my family for this and idk it gives me hope to do better and aware others that this is a serious matter

Why is he so meaan i need a nap so bad

You see this yo i swear to gosh

I swear yo this guy gonna drive me nuts he had so many girls cuddling him earlier and he wants me to come over now to cuddle with him and im like no you had the girls you dont need me and hes whining

I always be back at my dorm at 4 am on weekends this be getting too much XD and its always from the guys dorms

Up int he boys dorm like waddup tho


Yo i went back to sleep at 2 pm woke up 3 hours later missed out so many messages and im like fuuuuck now im running around trying to meet up with people

The night is bitter cold
I wonder if you know
That I’m sleepless
Waitin’ like a ghost
When I need you the most
I go unnoticed

I am only human
I could use a hand sometimes
I am only human

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Artist: Krewella
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